Thursday, 9 September 2010


Whilst the use of technology, texts and social networking sites allows us to keep in touch more freely, being faster and more convenient, it lessens the need for an actual physical realm. This work aims to claim back the lost space and force actions from knowing and unknowing participants, eventually creating an archive of written word or sent objects to create a sense of chaotic coming together.

This site specific work only exists outwardly whilst the physical objects are in place. Once they are removed from the spaces they inhabit the work will continue to exist for an unspecified time and will always remain specific to the site.

The work aims to engage an audience by provoking an action which then spirals into the unknown, provoking other actions which will go unrecorded in the delivery process.

A social experiment with contradictory perimeters.

Write me...

The collection of interesting objects, letters and postcards will be on display at:

Location: Piccadilly Place, M1 3BN (just 2 minutes from Piccadilly Gardens).
Preview: Fri 1st 6 - 8pm.
Open: Sat - Thurs 11am - 4pm daily.

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